On January 27, 2011 Eric Merkley was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. An aggressive cancer that we hope and the doctors to this point seem confident that is contained to one spot on his leg. Prognosis is good. Treatments and recovery will be long and painful.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!!

It is such a great feeling to know that we can be in charge of our destinity and to have the freedom to believe how we feel in our hearts.  I have always been grateful for all the sacraficies that have been made in our behalf.  So heres to a great year celebrating our freedom and having incredible doctors in our health care system to help all those battling cancer to win!

Eric loves to the 4th of July, I think he may have a little bit of a fire bug in him.  So here is Eric firing off the fireworks to entertain the neigbhors.

"Run Forest Run!"

I don't know if you can see the smile on his face, but he was having fun!!

We will find out if we get to go to PMC tomorrow for another round of Metho.  We just have to be packed and ready to go, so as soon as we get the blood results, we can leave... or go back to bed!

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