On January 27, 2011 Eric Merkley was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. An aggressive cancer that we hope and the doctors to this point seem confident that is contained to one spot on his leg. Prognosis is good. Treatments and recovery will be long and painful.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Still complaining, but good news

Eric was still complaining today about being sent home yesterday, but our time home has turned out to be very productive.  Eric's vehicle that he has been driving has a manual  transmission, and we decided that it would probably be better at this point to sell "Becca" and get a car with an automatic transmission.  Where we have been living at the hospital, it has been difficult to get serious about selling it... Well we sold it today!!  Yeah!  Now he is looking forward to checking out cars for sell.  We have also put Clint on notice to look for us.  :)

Say goodbye to Becca

Eric stopped by the theater to complain to them, but they would not listen to him...  They did get him a Pepsi and offered some popcorn!  For some reason, he is tired of the popcorn... go figure.

Last year Eric was asked to dance in a Ballet with Rachel.  To every one's surprise, he said he would.  He also swore me to secrecy.  He did not want anyone to know that he was going to be in a ballet!  This is the picture of Eric being a "Prince" in Sleeping beauty.  Jace was also in the ballet.   Eric and Jace have talents beyond any ones imagination. 

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