On January 27, 2011 Eric Merkley was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. An aggressive cancer that we hope and the doctors to this point seem confident that is contained to one spot on his leg. Prognosis is good. Treatments and recovery will be long and painful.

Friday, September 16, 2011

better pic of the "Stache"

I know I mentioned before how proud Eric is of his "Stache", but because the last picture I tried to take of his "stache" did not turn out very well and he mentioned that he wanted to shave it off, I told him we had to document it... He let me take another picture!!  HEE HEE I think it is pretty funny looking.  Debbie Cook asked if he has been eating Peaches.  He looked at her funny, because he could not understand what she was talking about.  :) 
I got the report on Eric's blood counts yesterday and was very shocked.... They are staying up.  I expected them to drop the last couple of days, but actually went up.  I will take it!  At this point it looks like we will be going back to the hospital on Wednesday, assuming that his counts stay up.  In the mean time, he has been having a lot of fun with friends and was able to squeeze some school work in.  All is well at our home!  :)

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