On January 27, 2011 Eric Merkley was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. An aggressive cancer that we hope and the doctors to this point seem confident that is contained to one spot on his leg. Prognosis is good. Treatments and recovery will be long and painful.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Make a Wish

Several months ago, Eric said that what he wanted to do for his Make-a-wish was to go to a UFC fight (they said they have never had this wish, but okay) But with several road blocks, Eric changed his wish to a Shopping spree. Last night he was able to complete his wish! This is Joel and Jeff explaining how the shopping spree will work. Eric was given (well Joel held onto the money) a set amount of cash and he had 5 hours to spend it!

Then a Limo came and picked us up. We had Daryl, Mckell, Todd, Joel, Jeff and myself riding in style in the back.

Our First Stop was Gladstan Golf Course for a punch card of several rounds of Golfing.

We even had cheering fans show up! (Cheryl Brown, MacLee Anderson, Me, Veronica Feild aka Dr Vee and Vee's grand babies)

Daryl & McKell getting comfy

Joel aka the Make a Wish volunteer and the rest of us

Everyone sneaking a peek before we took off.

McKell Really like being able to put her feet up before the "Shop till you drop" started.

First Stop was to Mr Mac, to purchase suits, shirts, ties, belts and shoes for a mission in a year.
The next stop was to Sports Authority for Golf Clubs and accessories. Todd really like this little kid golf club bag and was trying to convince Eric to buy it, because it was his size.

I had my handy dandy shopping list to consult so we can save time... I mean the clock was ticking and very fast, if I might add.

Joel was on the phone negotiating a Sky Diving trip for Eric. So next spring we will be heading to Moab to watch Eric sky dive, while the rest of us are safely on the ground.

Eric was checking the list

Next stop was at Zumiez. They were great and very helpful. We got to the point where Eric would say what he wanted, Joel would come up and pay with cash while Eric was already off to the next store.

I love the face! But I think this hat is a little big!

Because Eric has such big feet, we had to order the basketball shoes that Eric has had his eye on.

We are down to $17.00.

Loading up the Limo with the goods

After dinner and shopping, McKell was worn out. Can you believe she is due in just 6 days? We are way excited to Macklyn.

We made it home!

We were so grateful to all the stores that helped to make this night special. But we really are truly grateful to PF Chang. As we got there, they were ready for us and spoiled us rotten. They brought out speciality drinks and extra entrees for us to try. We had food everywhere and we tried out best to eat it all, but could not. We were so full we could not even fit desert, so they packed it up and sent it home for us. They did this all for Eric at no Charge!!! We were very humbled and grateful to their generosity. Not to mention the service was amazing! Thank You PF Chang!!!

Thank you Joel, Cassandra and Jeff for helping to make Eric's Wish come true. It was so much fun and incredibly generous. I have heard different stories through out the years of different kids getting their "Wish" and you always picture Disneyland. But they do so much more and it gives these kids something to look forward to as they face a deadly disease and a treatment that is awful. Salem Hills is doing a fund raiser for Make a wish, starting next week and it will go through out the month. I know I will be doing everything I can to help out! The Make a Wish volunteers are truly amazing people with only one goal in mind and that is to make an angel's wish come true.

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