On January 27, 2011 Eric Merkley was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. An aggressive cancer that we hope and the doctors to this point seem confident that is contained to one spot on his leg. Prognosis is good. Treatments and recovery will be long and painful.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Senior Night

Friday Night at the Salem Hills basketball game, the seniors were honored.  Eric was among the seniors who were able to walk out on the court with their parents. 

Mr Peery, the principal read the letter announcing the Spirit of Sports award.

Eric was given a standing ovation.  It was definitely a proud moment.

This is Eric taking a bow!
As much as I wanted Eric to back on the court playing basketball.  I can not express how grateful I am that he made it through this past year and is here, happy, healthy and ready to move on to the next phase of his life.  He has some amazing friends that have never left his side. 

I will never forget the night that we were pulling out of the garage to head to PCMC, he was in so much pain that he was begging to start chemotherapy.  As I was backing up he said "I am so sorry mom."  It touch my heart that he felt like he needed to apologize for something out of his control.  I told him "WE will get through this together.  I promise!"  "We" were never alone. 
Moments like Friday night makes you appreciate all the amazing friends in your life that help you get an award like this.  I do not know who nominated Eric for this award, but thank you!  It is a huge honor.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Principals Office

I have never been called to be informed that my child was called down to the principals office, until yesterday.  As I listened to the information given to me about why Eric was called to the principals office, I quickly became speechless and proud.

Eric was told that he was chosen by the board of trustees of the Utah High School Activities Association to receive the 2012 Spirit of Sport Award.  Here is his letter informing him of this honor.
Friday night at the Salem Hills Basketball game at Salem Hills, they will be announcing this to the people in attendance. 
As I got off the phone there was a text by Eric telling me about this.  He was so honored and I was extremely proud. 
Last January when we first found out about the tumor, I had emailed my Uncle Blaine to tell him and ask him to keep Eric in his prayers.  His response was "Just remember that Heavenly Father loves that boy more than even you.  Just watch good things are going to happen." 
When I first read this email it had such an impact on me that I can not put into words, other than my first thoughts were, "NO Way!"  But as I calmed down, I knew he was right that Eric was very loved by our Heavenly Father and I held on to the "Great things will happen" part for dear life.  There have been many "Great things" that have happened and this is one of them.  It was a proud moment yesterday and will continue to be as he is honored Friday night, March 2nd and the 22nd.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Macklyn's Blessing

Today was a great day!  We were able to be here for the blessing of Macklyn.  Isn't she so cute?... Oh Eric is not bad either.  :)
When Daryl and McKell found out that they were having a girl, we were in the hospital with another treatment and I got the bug to make her blessing dress.  I mentioned it to Kathy, our RN, and she told me that she loved to knit.  I was shocked because she did not seem like the type of person who knitted... I mean she was on a roller derby team.  So I did make a blessing dress with all the extra time I had on my hands while I sat around at the hospital.  Well due to a couple of delays in picking the date, McKell was worried that the dress would no longer fit MackLyn, so I took a deep breath and made another one after Christmas.  It turned out cute and I even added some Bling on it. 
I am going to save the original dress for Eric, when he has a little girl.  I figured it would mean more to him, since he complained every second I was working on it.  :)  All kidding aside, it was a great day and it just reminds me that life is so so so precious.  All these special events in our lives with families just makes every little bump in the road worth it!

Friday, February 10, 2012


He takes this job seriously!  :)

Here are the Seniors.  Their Season is winding down but the friendships never do.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Weight Challenge

For the past month, Eric and Coach Phil DeGraffenried have been training for a face off of "Who can lift the most." 
Last month, according to Eric, Coach Phil had been working out and Eric told him he could beat him in who could bench press the most.  Apparently Eric won and Coach Phil said "Well you are a young kid."  Eric laughed and said "Seriously!  I just came off of Chemo and had NO muscles!"  Well they agreed to have a rematch, which happened yesterday.  If you have pictures of the rematch, please send them to me.  I heard there were a lot of people there including our favorite doctor!!

Dr Weenig came to cheer on the competition!  I asked Eric if Dr Weenig was there to doctor him up after the rematch.  :)  I can not say enough wonderful things about this man!  I truly believe that he was the miracle that came into our lives to get Eric the proper treatment in time!!  He is our angel!

From the sounds of it, last night was a close call.  Eric said that after several different areas of competition, Phil was ahead by a few points.  They went back to bench pressing and Phil pulled ahead of Eric by 12 points.  Eric was unable to do any because he felt a muscle in his arm pull.  The last round was chin ups and Phil was unable to do complete any, but had a comfortable lead.  Eric made it to 10.  He said that the last 3 were torture but he pulled it off and won the competition!!  He was proud of himself, but was impressed that Phil had made a lot of progress also.  It sounds like there will be another rematch!  :)  Good clean fun, right?

It is just wonderful to see the muscle tone and healthy weight come back.  I am asked all the time how he is doing and my response is ... "Well he has gained his weight back, his hair back and his sass back!"  He actually never lost the sass, but I love the twinkle in his eye!  Life it great!