On January 27, 2011 Eric Merkley was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. An aggressive cancer that we hope and the doctors to this point seem confident that is contained to one spot on his leg. Prognosis is good. Treatments and recovery will be long and painful.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Eric continues to do well

Eric is dressed and ready to go dancing at the Senior dinner dance.  I feel sorry for any girls who agreed to dance with him!

Wednesday night when MackLyn is here, we fight over who gets to feed her.  She will just stare at him like he is from outer space. 
Eric is cute with her and is trying to win the "Best Uncle" award.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Family Home Evening

Look how Me and Eric spent our Snowy Monday Night... Shoveling snow!!  I told Eric to put his coat on and help me to shovel snow and his reply was "I can't... I only have 1 leg!"  My reply way "SO What, come on!"

He was a trooper and we got it done, then he thought that he could take me and tried to throw me in the snow.. Well okay he really did throw me in the snow, but I got him back.  I turned on the snow blower and blew snow all over him, including down his shirt!  :)

So I grabbed my old camera and look what pictures I uncovered! 

Eric and Jace were making cookies for some girl who was having a hard day!  I was worried her day may get worse with these cookies, but I guess it worked and she loved them.

Eric was showing off his chicken legs! 

Jordan and Eric was getting ready for the Prom in his Sophomore year. 

Of Course they THINK they are just a couple of studs....

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

3 Month Check up!

What an amazing day!!

We first started out in the waiting room to have Eric's blood drawn.  He was so excited to see this fun activity board! 

Then they had this fun board you can write on!  :)

He was pretty brave as they stuck the needle in his hand to get blood.  We then went on to have his Chest X ray and lower leg X Rayed... Yes I know, it is not there, but they still insist.

Look who we ran into at clinic. ... Tim.  He was in for his 3 month check up also.  Tim will get to fulfill his make a wish and fly in a fighter jet next week.  How exciting for him!

He had taken off his shoes to be weighed in and as they were getting ready to go back into their exam room, Amanda, Tim's Mom said "Show us your legs!"  So they were more than happy to show them off! 

This is Eric, once again, entertaining himself while we wait.  It was so good to see Dr Spraker!  She came in and gave Eric a great big hug and told him how handsome he was.  She also told us that his blood counts were normal, his chest xray was normal... no spots!!... and his xray looked great!  Eric had brought in all his medical papers for her to fill out to be submitted with his missionary papers.  She is not LDS, so she had a few questions about how it works.  She said that she can not believe that he was going to break up with her.... for at least 2 years!  But Eric reassured her that he would be back!  She is more than happy to fill them out and send them in for him.  You truly come to love the people that had your son's life in their hands.  DR Spraker also told us that we needed to go visit Irish, because he was made "Bishop or something like that."  So we could not wait to go say hi!

Look who has hair now and who doesn't!  :)  He was called in the bishopric and cut his pony tail off and shaved his beard and mustache.  He looks so different.  Eric told him about his mission papers and he was pretty excited and asked Eric to make sure he tells him where he is going!  But this is the after picture...

This is the before picture.  You can't see his pony tail.  But we had a lot of fun teasing him.  One time a previous patient had brought in a lot of hair clips with bows and flowers on it.  Irish put one on his ponytail.  Eric told him that he looked beautiful and it made his eyes stand out.  Irish flipped his pony tail and said "Your just jealous!"  It made us laugh!

All in All it was a great day spent learning that Eric still has a clean bill of health and to visit great friends!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Salem Hills Basketball team

Here is the Salem Hills High Basketball team.  Eric has enjoyed being involved with this team.  He has really enjoyed working with he coaching staff.

Tuesday the 17th we go back to Primary Children's hospital for his 3 month check up.  While we are visiting with the doctor, Eric will hand over his missionary forms to be filled out.  He will not find out if he will be able to leave on his mission in July until everything is submitted, but he has started the process and very excited about it. 

Eric is also excited about making up for the Superbowl party that he missed last year.  Looking back on that day gives me chills down my spine.  He was hooked up to a morphine drip, 2 different chemos, oxygen, an oxygen monitor, IV fluids etc etc etc.  It is the most scary image to remember, but incredibly humbling to see him now as a healthy active senior.  We have been blessed and we were held in the loving arms of our Heavenly Father through out that dark, scary and emotional time.  Life is great!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Happy New Year

Our family would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!!  As I have read the other cancer mom's blogs, where they are grateful for the 2011 to be over, all I can say is AMEN!!  As I was walking the other morning, I was cheering the fact that 2011 is over and a friend said that it was also a great year.  As I thought I said "Yea, Macklyn is here."  And then she reminded me that Eric is Cancer free.  I was very humbled at the fact that I was overlooking that ONE big Celebration.  We have been very blessed this past year, I just hope that we learned from it and we won't have to revisit that nightmare.

At the beginning of this cancer process, Eric wanted to postpone his first Chemo treatment because he had a hot date to the Jazz game... he even had lower bowl tickets!  When the pain became so severe that he could not wait a few more days and was begging to begin chemo, he promised Rachel that he would make it up to her... Last Friday he did just that and had a great time!  So yes life is moving right along.

Right after all the fireworks on Saturday night, I sent Eric a text saying "Happy New year!  Goodbye 2011!"  Well apparently he was very busy at the dance he was at, but gave me a high five first thing Sunday morning!  What a journey, but we are all looking forward to a great new year.

Oh other news.... Eric has started the process on working on his Missionary papers.  He will turn 19 on July 1.  We have been told all along that he will have to wait until he has 1 year of clean health before he can turn in his papers.  Eric came home so so so excited Christmas morning that there is a really good chance that he can still go on his mission when he turns 19.  He was excited, I wanted to cry.  I thought I would have a few more months with him at home.  He told Todd his news and Todd shared his enthusiasm....  Eric said "I knew I could count on you to be excited with me!" :)  So I guess as time goes, we will find out if he will be able to go out this summer!  No matter what happens, it is what it is!  He will make an amazing missionary.