On January 27, 2011 Eric Merkley was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. An aggressive cancer that we hope and the doctors to this point seem confident that is contained to one spot on his leg. Prognosis is good. Treatments and recovery will be long and painful.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another Clip of the Wrangler National Patriot Tour

These clips are so amazing.  Kaycee and the rest of the tour are at undisclosed bases in Afghanistan. 

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Medal of honor

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

These clips of our World Champion Bareback rider, Kaycee Feild, are amazing.  He is on a Tour with our troops, even his mom does not know where he is.  She has shared these clips with me and they are too good not to pass on.  Enjoy and Thank you troops where ever you are!

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You gotta hold the Pizza pie

Have I done something?

Thursday, May 24, 2012


All the seniors proudly walk onto the field for the Graduation ceremony

This is Eric as he gets a hug from Mrs Burr.  She has been such a huge support for him.

A hug from the Principal Mr Peery

Tonya, me, the graduate, Daryl, Macklyn and McKell

Macklyn was loving his tassel.  It did rain on us a little and it was a little chilly, but a great night.

Eric, Steve Linford and Kolby Linford.  The Linfords are amazing friends who have played such a huge role in Eric's life before high school and especially through last year.  We cherish their friendship.  Steve coached Eric in football and in basketball. 

We had to take the opportunity before graduation to honor Bo Wilson.  Bo was a good friend of Eric's throughout school and was killed in an accident a couple of years ago.  He would have been receiving his diploma yesterday, along with Eric and we were both missing him.  So to honor him, Eric placed a graduation cap, tassel and the Skyhawk ribbon on the rod around his head stone.  As we were driving away, Eric was talking about how devastating it was to hear the news that he had lost his friend.  They say that the hardest thing a parent can go through is losing a child and as we were fighting to keep Eric here with us last year, I spoke with Bo's dad several times, Butch, and my heart broke for him and his wife, Jennifer, because we still have no idea of the pain they went through with the lost of their very vibrant, amazing son.  Bo you are still missed and you have left a lasting mark on many of your friends.  As Eric gets ready for his mission, we know that Bo was called home to begin the mission specially designed for him in Heaven.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Snake Cartoon

Our friend Steven who also battle Osteosarcoma along with Eric read the "snake" story and remembered this cartoon and wanted to share it with us.  I LOVE IT!  So I had to put it on the blog.  Here you go!  Thanks Sonja and Steven (Steven just received his 6 months clean bill of health!  YEAH)

Graduation & Mission Farewell

These are a few of his senior Pictures. 

This is his graduation announcement.  We have been kind of slow and as soon as we have them in our hands will get them mailed out

His favorite mission pic

I know I have mentioned before, but his mission farewell is scheduled for July 15.  Our sacrament meeting is at 11:00.  The address to our chapel is :  259 E Alpine Dr Elk Ridge Utah.

Funny story: I have had a hard to pronouncing Laotian.  So I finally had to figure out an association to pronounce it correctly.  I was saying "low-ation".  but you say it "Lay-ocean".  SO in my mind I would think of an Hawaiian "lay" and then the "Ocean".  Well it has helped me.  I mentioned this to a friend on our morning walk last week and she told me later that she was telling people that he will be speaking "Lay-Beach"!!    I told this to Eric and he laughed and said well if someone comes up and starts to speak "Lay-Beach" it should be close enough that he will be able to understand!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Watched Over

My Dad, Lew Johnson, AKA Grandpa Lew

Eric came home yesterday, kind of rattled, and had quite a experience that took a couple of times of explaining to get the full impact of what had just happened.  I asked Eric if I may share with you the story.  This is what happened.

Yesterday Eric was going golfing with a friend, who was not able to make it at the last minute, so Eric decided to go ahead to proceed with his planned tee time.  He had golfed a few holes and was enjoying the sun, fresh air and his favorite music playing in his ears buds. 

Eric had hit the golf ball and it went into some tall grass so he walked over to the tall grass, with ear buds still in his ears, and proceeded to swing his club at the grass to uncover his ball.  He heard my dad say behind him "Eric!"  (My dad had passed away in 2000)  So Eric turned around and thought that was really weird.  As he took a step with his prosthetic leg, it felt heavier then usual.  He looked down at his leg and a rattle snake had struck his leg and had it's jaw locked around his titanium leg.  He took the club in his hand and did kill the snake, but was obviously a little shaken. 

As he recalled this story to me he pointed to his leg and said "Look, there is still Venom on my leg."  And sure enough there were droplets of a liquid still on his leg.  If he did not turn around when my dad had called his name, his "Flesh and blood" leg would have taken the strike from the rattle snake.  I have always felt that he/we have been so blessed and watched over by angels above, but this was another confirmation that we truly are watched over.  Eric has a mission to fulfill and with the watchful eyes of Heavenly beings, will be able to do just that.