On January 27, 2011 Eric Merkley was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. An aggressive cancer that we hope and the doctors to this point seem confident that is contained to one spot on his leg. Prognosis is good. Treatments and recovery will be long and painful.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blood test for Sami

Last summer Eric had asked what his ANC needed to be in order to kiss a girl. This cause a great deal of controversy at PCMC. It was determined by me... :) that who ever may be considered to be a possible candidate would need to get a blood work up and culture to make sure she is healthy enough.

With Sami hanging out at our home lately, I reminded Eric that he could not think about kissing her until the appropriate test were done. He rolled his eyes and acted so innocent, like "I don't know what you are talking about." I know that he is still very afraid of girls and to shy to consider kissing them... I thought I would just make sure that Sami was not carrying any dangerous germs/viruses that may make him sick, so as soon as they walked into the house, I was prepared...

I got all the supplies ready

When they walked in the door, I got the blood sample...

and a culture!

I have to admit, I could tell that she was not excited about doing this, but Eric started to "Bat" his eyes. I am sure when the test comes in that her ANC will not be high enough. Dr Spraker even changed her mind and said that in order for Eric to consider kissing anyone, she had to approve the situation and not only her ANC but also Eric's needed to be 7000 or higher. I was just thrilled that she came around to my way of thinking. :)
So hopefully they do not qualify to do any kissing!

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  1. Love it! And I can just hear you laughing the entire time:)