On January 27, 2011 Eric Merkley was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. An aggressive cancer that we hope and the doctors to this point seem confident that is contained to one spot on his leg. Prognosis is good. Treatments and recovery will be long and painful.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Full Afternoon

Eric giving the nanny (Tonya) a hug

Tonya just had to feel his head... not to mention she is thrilled that he is not bugging her to cut his hair.

Tonya was trying to get her fingers on his Chubba Wubba treat... but Eric, being the brother that he is had to take it away from her... He did give it back to her. 
Today was a day full of research and 2nd opinions.  First we began our research on amputations by watching "Soul Surfer". I know wrong limb, but we got the gist of it. :).  It was a very good movie, by the way. I highly recommend it.  Then on the way home we stopped by Dr. Veronica Feild for a second opinion.  Eric climbed up on her kitchen counter and asked if she would do the surgery.  She said she would love to but didn't have enough super glue, but could run to Walmart and get some.  Eric was in a hurry, so I guess we will have to stick with plan A.  Dr Vee put Eric back together last summer when he was attacked by a metal basketball hoop and cut his chest up pretty good.  She loved the opportunity to glue his chest.  So needless to say, we will have to go back to Dr Randal.  Dr Vee did say she would be happy to assist Dr Randal.   I wonder if they use much super glue?

The nanny has arrived and will be taking care of my cute little bundle of joy tonight.  Tomorrow is mine and Todd's 6th wedding anniversary and we are running away for a night.  WOHOO!!  Tonya (Eric's sister who is living in Elko with her husband, Clint) came into town to take care of Eric.  I have not mentioned to her that Eric is starting to eat like a horse and he will keep her pretty busy running after food.  Tonight he wants a meat lovers stuffed crust pizza.  (I have to admit that I really love it that he is eating like a horse)  Then tomorrow Tonya and Eric will meets us at PMC for an appointment with Dr Randal, where Eric will tell him his decision on what type of surgery he wants.  This is totally his decision and I stand by him whatever he decides.  So wish Tonya lots of luck, because not only is Eric very demanding, he just thinks it is pretty funny to play practical jokes... and it is not even April's Fools day.  I am going to keep my mouth shut, because I don't want her to change her mind about me leaving with my honey.  :)  I tried to publish some pictures, but it did not work.  Sorry.  Will put some on tomorrow, but I am out of here!

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  1. That's great that you get to get away for a bit and so great that Eric is eating lots and lots!!! Awesome!!!!